About the Winter 2020 Collection

Winter 2020 Collection

The Winter 2020 collection features elements of Tahitian pearls, hanging gold bars and flower-patterned gold. These elements represent the meanings and values below. Each jewelry piece was intentionally designed and selected for this collection.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls 
Tahitian pearls are one of the many beautiful things this world has to offer. These lustrous pearls embody elegance and are integral to the local culture of French Polynesia. I selected the Tahitian Pearl because of their beauty as well as the way pearls are created. 

Tahitian Pearls are formed when an irritant (e.g.. a grain of sand) enters the body of a black-lip oyster. As a defense mechanism, the mollusk secretes a fluid to coat the irritant and after many years of coating, a pearl is formed! Today, Tahitian pearls are farmed by manually inserting a nucleolus into the oyster. Click to watch a video that goes more in depth into Tahitian pearl culturing

I see the story of how a pearl is formed as meaning that you can always turn a negative situation into a positive and beautiful outcome, like the black lipped oyster does with Tahitian pearls. Tahitian pearls are so beautiful and lustrous, but they would have never been formed without that initial irritant that entered its shell. We have to use the challenges and setbacks in our lives to propel us into creating something amazing and beautiful like a Tahitian pearl. Wear your Tahitian pearl jewelry pieces proudly; both you and the Tahitian pearls will shine through adversity.

Keshi Tahitian Pearls

Keshi is a type of Tahitian pearl that is formed with no nucleus, so they are purely made of the oyster’s nacre [the material secreted from the oyster]. Each keshi Tahitian pearl is uniquely shaped and one of a kind. There are no two keshi pearls that are the same, in the same way that no two people are or look the same. There is beauty in the uniqueness of keshi Tahitian pearls and there is beauty in the uniqueness of us as humans. We should embrace and be proud of our uniqueness as each of us is beautiful and special.

Note: Nā Wehi sources its genuine Tahitian pearls from a local Tahitian pearl supplier in Hawai’i. #supportlocal

Hanging Gold Bar

Many necklaces and earrings in this collection feature a gold bar hanging down by a chain. This gold bar is meant to represent staying grounded or humble (haʻahaʻa). It is amazing in life when you accomplish goals and achieve victories, but it is always important to stay grounded and stay humble through those triumphs. This dainty gold bar is not intended to drag you down or hold you back. Instead, it is meant to serve as a reminder to stay grounded, humble and true to your roots.

Patterned Gold

This beautiful flower and leaf patterned gold represents growth. Every time we experience discomfort, pain or hardship, we must remember that through these experiences, we are growing, learning and living. Life is filled with ups and downs and the downs are the seeds to our growth. So, the next time you are going through a difficult experience, no matter how hard it is, remember that in the long run this experience is making you a stronger and better version of yourself for your future. Don’t be afraid to grow :)


This necklace features a set of three Tahitian pearls. This trilogy is an endearing motif representing the past, present, and future. Sometimes when we focus too much on the past or future, we can miss out on the present moment. Let this trilogy of Tahitian pearls remind you to come back to the present moment and appreciate the now before it’s gone.


The meaning behind this jewelry piece is entirely up to you. Some examples of meaningful words you can choose are:

  • Name of a loved one
  • Family name
  • Middle name
  • Intention word or personal growth goal (ex. grateful, mindful, strength, etc.)
  • Anything that has meaning to you!