Size Guide

Bangles Size Guide

Place hand in the position of putting on a bangle. With a measuring tape, measure around the widest part of your hand (typically around your knuckles) in inches. If you do not have a measuring tape, you may use a ribbon, strip of paper, string or any other flexible material, and then measure the length with a ruler after wrapping it around your hand. If you are unsure of your exact size, feel free to size up by 0.25".

Nā Wehi also offers custom sizes. To request a custom size, go to the product page of your desired bangle. Then send Nā Wehi a message with your requested size through the "Ask a Question" feature on the product page. 

Necklace Size Guide

Majority of necklaces are offered in the 16"-18" length meaning it is a 16" necklace with a 2" extender chain attached.

Disclaimer: Necklace lengths may appear differently on you as we all have uniquely sized necks! If you are unsure of which necklace length to choose, we offer necklace extenders here.