Materials + Care

What is Gold-Filled

All Nā Wehi jewelry pieces are made in 14K gold-filled for a high-quality finish at a reasonable price. Gold-filled is made by heat and pressure bonding a thick later of solid gold to a brass core. Unlike gold plated or gold vermeil options, it wonʻt tarnish, rub off or turn your skin green. With proper care, 14K gold-filled jewelry can last beautifully for many years.


14K gold-filled jewelry does not tarnish, rub off or turn your skin green, being perfect for sensitive skin. It can be worn every day and last beautifully for many years with proper care.

When the wrong chemicals are left on the surface of your jewelry, the gold can darken more quickly than it should. Avoid wearing your jewelry in pools and hot tubs as the chemicals in the water create a harsh environment for the jewelry pieces. Depending on your personal chemistry, you may want to avoid wearing your jewelry during sweaty activities such as working out, as the chemicals in your sweat can be hard on your jewelry pieces as well.

To properly clean your jewelry pieces, wipe with a soft cloth such as jewelry cloth, lens cloth or flannel. For a deeper clean, gently clean your pieces with mild soap and warm water to remove build up from sunscreen, sweat, etc. Dry your jewelry pieces well before storing.