Eco-Friendly Packaging

With having a business comes the kuleana [responsibility] to be conscious of its environmental impact. After doing my research on eco-friendly packaging options, the three goals for my packaging were to:

  1. Eliminate the use of plastic

  2. Reduce waste by using recycled / recyclable materials (both if possible)

  3. Protect the jewelry pieces during transit

Packaging Features

  • Eco-friendly padded mailer made from 100% recycled paper and is recyclable with mixed paper. Instead of non-biodegradable plastic bubble wrap as padding, this mailer is lined with recycled newspaper fibers making it easily recyclable while providing proper protection.

  • Reusable jewelry box that protects your jewelry during transit and can be reused to store jewelry when not being worn. Some orders do not include reusable jewelry box, depending on order contents.

  • Reusable jewelry pouch that can be reused to store jewelry when not being worn. 

  • All paper included in packaging is recyclable.

As much as I wanted to go all out on packaging and make it look as cute as possible, I know that the earth is more important. I tried my best to balance minimal packaging and proper protection while also providing an enjoyable experience for you to open. I will constantly look for more ways to better improve Nā Wehiʻs environmental impact in all aspects. A lot of thought and intention went into the design of your orderʻs packaging, so please reuse and recycle as much of this packaging as you can. Mahalo!